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Thank you for visiting Ask AfterEllen — our very own advice column in which the Sapphic sages at AE reply to your (non-medical) concerns. Had gotten a question the lesbian experts? Email [email protected].

How can you tell if that gender-nonconforming workmate you had want to end up being friends with is a lesbian as if you, while steering clear of the awkwardness of inquiring? How about that hot librarian you keep bumping into while learning? Have you been ever going to develop the neurological to address this lady for a chat? Wouldn’t it be simpler any time you could assess the probability she actually is into ladies initially?

I will have the wrath currently: “You can’t determine if a woman is lesbian or bisexual!” or “which is judgemental!” or “What you need to perform is ask the girl…” or “Shoot the try anyhow!” and you are half-right.

Lesbian and bisexual females have
a history of developing signals
to get one another. It isn’t judgemental to consider eco-friendly flags. Homophobia – which nevertheless is present today – means it is not always safe to address someone about becoming interested in the same-sex.

Many folks internalize homophobia. We are able to unconsciously look at


as inferior if you are into females. We possibly may n’t have the self-confidence to straight-up ask a woman if she is into ladies either, even when it’s officially “secure” to do so.

Whenever you cannot know a female’s into women without the woman suggesting, in addition can’t understand that’s homophobic until its far too late. A number of the worst homophobia i have skilled has been from city-dwelling “queer”-identified 20-somethings with blue hair.

Therefore program these indications into the gaydar!

Whom she follows/what she posts on social media marketing.

You will find things to consider in terms of this 1. Firstly, if the woman profile is personal, ask yourself if it’s weird or uncomfortable to add the lady. Or else, this option’s fairly simple. If she is soon after a tonne of celesbians or lesbian background pages this may be’s rather clear she actually is into women. If she is uploading a pride march she went to, exactly why are you actually scanning this? Slide when it comes to those DMs! Yeah she could be a straight ally, but which also implies she

should never

end up being homophobic towards you for nearing anyhow.

Brief nails

I’m sure numerous think this really is out-of-date. I’m able to hear some of you claiming “but femmes!” and positive, some femmes have traditionally nails. But it’s a fact that lots of lesbians hold their own fingernails short. It is not


considering whatever you do while having sex, either, but because lesbians need alert their lesbianism! They want to date or hook-up and, as it can be hard to find another lesbian in the wild – not all of all of us are now living in Los Angeles – we can’t exposure anybody mistaking all of our long nails if you are directly.

Getting much less conforming to gender


This’s specific to lesbians. We aren’t wanting to entice men therefore we’re frequently less conforming from what


discover hot. Yes, we do not reach decide out of the male gaze. The pornographic fetishisation of lesbians is evidence it has an effect on us in different and/or added steps. But lesbians are generally a whole lot more aggressive, dress a lot more comfortably, and get a lot more blunt because, total, ladies do not count on exactly the same adherence to womanliness in order to find you attractive.

  • Favorite films, TV shows, and music
  • This will be a secure option to measure the probability a female is actually lesbian or bisexual. If she claims ”

    The L Term,”




    “Tegan and Sara,”

    it’s most likely she’s a lesbian or bisexual. She’s demonstrably open about speaking about homosexuality and may be keen to hangout should you express similar interests. For which you ask this does matter: if she’s where you work or running or on another mission subsequently perhaps try to find the greater number of slight indications.


    Listed here is where our very own record and society takes on an important role. Analysis the indications. I’ve heard Gen Z sapphics come across one another through mushroom earrings. A labrys image on her garments or extras is almost undoubtedly a lesbian, or an unknowing straight lady which went along to an op shop near a lesbian commune and don’t understand much better. The
    image by yourself could possibly be a sign she actually is a feminist. But two
    overlapping usually suggests lesbianism.

    The need to possess “proof” that a female’s into females before capturing your own shot is all-natural. However, these symptoms are not surefire. As someone that’s “come-out crush” ended up being a gender non-conforming directly work colleague with brief spiky golden-haired tresses and rainbow stars tattood upwards the woman arm, make use of the indications with extreme caution.

    If any such thing, pay attention to vibes. These are generally significantly more linked to the all-important gut instinct versus trivial, such as “does the fact she put on Birkenstocks and has now 7 cats make the lady a lesbian?”

    Had gotten a concern when it comes to lesbian experts? Email [email protected].

    This column is not a substitute for psychological or medical advice. AfterEllen personnel tend to be writers, maybe not therapists


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